Of course this raises a lot of questions.

Most of the we encountered too and we listed them in the FAQ you’ll find here.


Most frequent questions and answers

The application uses ressources of your phone that are already running for other applications. There will be no extra energy consumption. However when you use the map display continiously, using the display will consume extra energy.

We only use the data that is necessary to help you. If not useful to use it stays on your phone and we do not upload unnecessary information. Your medical information stays with you.

You only have a direct lnk to our platform. Never a TruZter is able to contact you in direct. When you check a profile for example it will be the platform to provide you this.

In the settings of both the app and you phone you have the possibility to enable or disable the localisation setting. Notice however that by disabeling we will no longer be able to help you!

The application works via internet so you’ll need to be on it, by wifi or 3G/4G/5G

Yes you can at all times retract an endorsement in the “Real ID section”.

No, your decisions stay with you. The concerned TruZter might see his rating change since this is based on the number of endorsementts he receives.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and registered you’ll become a known TruZter. The more people confirm your identity (REAL ID) the better your rank becomes. You’ll be evolving from unknowt to known and then junior, medior and finally senior.

Only endorsed TruZters (Med-Jun-Sen-Vol) can launch alerts. The higher your rank, the more we take your alert in consideration.

A false alert is better then no alert at all. Of course this is not a game and TruZters that launch false alerts will see their rank lowering down.

But more, we’ve a dedicated team to answer all your questions

provided we know the answers of course. Know however that we’ll do everything to sort things out.