As I remember it we were sitting on a terrace in France, my wife and me on holiday in the region of Bordeaux. The day before somebody had taken a lorry and drove it in the middle of a crowd.

It happened the 14th of July, the day of
“La fête Nationale de France”.

The world had been confronted by a new act of terror.

I was kind of obsessed on how this individual managed to proceed the way he did and could cause so many casualties just by hiring a truck and driving it in the biggest masses of the moment. It was Nice, promenades des invalides , July the 14th when terror changed.

How was this possible?

It was the subject of our conversation that evening. We were embarrassed, we did not understand, we thought there should be a solution to this.

Finding the solution was the
starting point of TruZters.

Our first ideas were very simple and that simplicity we tried to maintain all the way. Regarding to Nice we realized that many victims were taken by surprise.
Remember a truck driving into their back. And yes we don’t have eyes on our back.
So what if we could have warned them. They would have looked back and they would have taken preventive action. That is what we believe.