One of the challenges is to keep this app top of mind.

We sincerely hope that nobody ever will need to use it, but we now this is not real. Now, for people in need to use it it should always be present in our daily life.

Our initial brainstorming session gave us a lot of ideas to create extra features, and it is our ambition to soon open this new platform for other developers.

Our selected 6 features

Scan environment

The homescreen of our app displays a map that can be resized easily. 

When the time is right we will activate the visualisation of other TruZters in your vicinity. Anonymous dots will represent the fellow TruZters around you, and even if you do not know them, and even if you cannot tell who is where, it sure will give a safe feeling to know that someone is watching your back.

Imagine someone who is dear to you receives an alert on the other side of the world.

With this add-on, to be activated asap, you’ll receive his/her alert too. So your daughter is studying in Barcelona, something happens by which she receives an alert and at the same time you’ll get a notice of the alert she has received. Next step would you te get in contact with her.

Forward alert
Medical file

Medical file app’s exist in all forms, but ours is different.

We only let you register information that is useful in case of emergencies. That information will be displayed in 2 languages, your language and the language of the place you are. So imagine a Chinese tourist in Paris, she will be able to communicate to urgency services in France thanks to the app. When opening her medical file, the information  will be in Chinese and French on the same screen. At the launch of the app 8 different languages will be available for this. We sincerely hope that we will be able to raise the budgets and get as many languages as possible in there.

In Case of Emergency message is a feature by which you’ll be able to send a message to 5 of your selected contacts.

It will automatically pop up in case of disaster and you’ll be able to immediately communicate on your situation with your circle. Safe or not safe. Automatically your position plus a timestamp is added to your message.

Safety messages

Next to the option to receive safety message on a monthly basis you’ll be able to check a list of random safety tips from your device.

More important is that, when an event occurs and you’ve received an alert, a pop-up is generated by which you can immediately consult the safety tips in relation to that specific event.

Check profile is an add-on by which you can check the profile from a TruZter.

If you receive the phone number of a TruZter you can retrieve the information from our platform. First the TruZter needs to give his/her approval and then  we’ll send you the info you need to be able to trust him/her. Imagine taking a Taxi and not being sure the driver is who he pretends to be…We’ll give you the profile. Senior would mean endorsements and certitude on the info displayed.

Check profile