Our way of working, after hours, no financial liabilities with little resources made that we needed to take tactical choices. The first release should be followed soon by a second one… all depending on the adoption by the people and the eagerness of partners to help us out.

In order to confront the barrier of languages we’ve opted for as much as intuitive icons as possible. Although we think to have succeeded there is still need for a small amount of wording.

Our choice has been to select a total of 8 languages by which we think most of the smartphone users in the world can communicate with us, and we with them. The selection was based on numbers of people speaking a languages mapped with the regions in the world where the most disasters happen. 

Our final selection besides English (the default language of the app) included Arabic, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

It is our ambition, depending on the evolution and growth of TruZters to one day provide the app in every language spoken in the world.

We think this app is for everybody in our world beyond religion, race, politics or nationalisim.

We are aware this app being disruptive. It is no way our intention to criticize the actual way of working. Our app isn’t waterproof, it’s the best shot we’ve got, but we’re sure that with the openness of the authorities, the help of partners and the assistance and drive of volunteers we can make a better world and create the next big thing.We know that this is just the beginning and so many ideas need to be developed still. It is our choice to open this platform as soon as possible for other thinkers that might have the right idea on contributions to mankind.