The challenge was to find a way to validate alerts without slowing down the process. Therefore human interaction with the platform needed to be extremely automated.

“The friends of my friends are my friends”

Based on the principle of “the friends of my friends are my friends” we are creating UP-Media (United people media) as opposed to Social Media. TruZters, strangers we trust, are ranked under the hood from junior to senior based on their relationships. This way we obtain real ID’s, the more TruZters confirm your ID the more we can trust you.

An alert will be triggered by a TruZter by stating the nature of the event.

The platform automatically generates a validation request with a timestamp, the localization, profile (including profile photo) and the level of trust. This request is immediately distributed to high ranked TruZters in the vicinity. Witnesses become validators.

The validators receive a message from the platform that an identified person has triggered an alert (without sharing the nature of the event that was triggered). Their confirmation of the alert will be done again by defining the nature of the event.

Within seconds algorithms process all the available information received and the information in hand to validate the opportunity to broadcast the alert on a wider scale.

This process is repeated automatically till we reach a safe zone.
We call this the wave, when alerts are no longer confirmed the broadcasting will stop.

The interaction between man and machine results into the fastest genuine alert possible. Man will be the launcher and validator, machine will automate and speed-up this process, verify the information received in order to avoid false alerts and inform as much people as needed immediately.