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Can this safety application help us in the actual crisis ?

How does it work ?


In the existing medical file we have added a new field : “Infectious disease”

  • Because this is important information for  E.R. Staff 
  • Because any infectious disease is a threat (now and in the future)
  • Because we believe real TruZters want to prevent each other  

Remember your medical file is not of our interest. It stays on your phone and gives you the possibility to show your medical screen to E.R. Staff. It is auto-translated in a language that locally is understood. We do not have access ! We do not want to have access !



By checking this field : “Infectious disease”

  • The colour of your anonymous dot will discretely change from TruZters red to TruZters orange
  • In a range of 50 meters (150 feet) around you other TruZters will see the orange dot too
  • You voluntary decide to activate this checkbox  

Remember the information of your medical file stays on your phone. An infectious disease could be other than COVID-19.

The information necessary for the system to distinct red and orange dots is safely stored in super secured MS-AZURE servers. Only one sworn person has access. 


Real ID

The more people confirm it is you, the more we can trust you

Trigger an alert

The more trusted you are, the more your alert is valid

Alert confirmation

Other high ranked TruZters will confirm your alert


People in the vicinity will receive your confirmed alert


It’s universal, it’s for free and it offers actual solutions !

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