1. TruZters is a world wide mobile application by DOMANI IS TODAY NV linking people based on trust.
  2. Users become TruZters.
  3. Those TruZters are validated by other TruZters in order to determine their degree of trustworthiness.
  4. This information is anonymous and is used to feed the algorithms that validate alerts.
  5. The members (TruZters) are responsible for their input in the app. They can be hold responsible for their content. Especially the validation of other members has to be done with a great sense of responsibility.
  6. The app makes it possible for validated members to trigger alerts. Triggering false alerts is an offence.
  7. The aim of DOMANI IS TODAY NV is to provide an app by which all people can feel safe again.
  8. DOMANI IS TODAY NV can in no way be held responsible for false alerts, operational issues, connectivity problems, content provided by its members, legal claims, the outcome of disasters, prohibition  by local authorities, panic reactions or the accuracy of algorithm or other issues.
  9. Only data that is necessary to run the app will be stored on the servers of DOMANI IS TODAY NV. Other data remains on the devices of the TruZters. We follow the GDPR rules.
  10. There is no direct link between TruZters, all communication will come directly from the platform.

Terms and conditions

TruZters is a mobile application that is operated by DOMANI IS TODAY NV based in Belgium. The goal of the company is to provide a global app to make people feel safe. The core of the app will be made available for free. It is based on detecting and analysing the levels of trust between people in order to build algorithms and validate alerts triggered by the members.  

In order to become a TruZter you accept your responsibility on the content you provide. Especially your validation of others needs to be done consciously. It is the fundamental obligation you have to make this app a powerful tool to save yourself and others. You are sole responsible for all personal data you provide, as in your profile, your medical file, your contacts, your profile picture, and other information. Your integrity is everybody’s safety.

You are 13 years or older. You promise to become a member in your own name and to provide accurate information on your profile, selfie, birthdate, profession, gender, phone number, email address and other personal information. You accept that other members of your choice will validate your information in order to have your real ID and make you a trusted member.

You agree that your confirmed ID (including your picture) is shared with others:

  • During validation by people of your choice
  • In case of triggering or validating an alert
  • With your explicit consent and the explicit consent of a TruZter of your choice, to mutually exchange profiles in Scan TruZter.
  • When sending an ICE (In Case of Emergency) message.

By the use of this app you accept that it is evolutional. You understand that your engagement will be fundamental for the working of the app. You also understand that your contribution, as that from other TruZters, is the only way for this app to operate as intended.

Other TruZters are counting on you, for yours and their safety. Your role is to be an active user and if appropriate you can apply as a volunteer via, acceptance rights by DOMANI IS TODAY NV without


Algorithms are used to rank members from Known user to Junior, Medior, Senior and Volunteer, as they are also used to validate alerts based on the above ranking, the environment, a users history or other available information. These algorithms are operating invisibly and can be changed during operations. Members will not held DOMANI IS TODAY NV responsible for their ranking or the final outcome of the algorithms at all times. Triggering a false alert is an offence.

By no means you will hold DOMANI IS TODAY NV responsible for the content provided by other users, technical issues, false alerts, operational issues, connectivity problems, content provided by its members, legal claims, the outcome of disasters, prohibition by local authorities, panic reactions or the accuracy of the alerts triggered by its members. The sole goal of DOMANI IS TODAY NV is to provide a safety tool to help all people. DOMANI IS TODAY NV can not guarantee a defined result. The app has been designed to help TruZters to help each other and try to save people.

DOMANI IS TODAY NV has a commitment to means, not to results.

Information provided in the app, such as for example the safety tips, is there to help people in moments of distress. They consist of advice and DOMANI IS TODAY NV can not be held responsible for the use of this information or the outcome in case of an event.  If you have information to share regarding safety tips or if you spot misinformation you are invited to inform the platform via

Members do agree that this app is not about religion, race, politics, gender, nationalism or undemocratic rules.

TruZters is private initiative funded by private capital. In order to keep this app running DOMANI IS TODAY NV can make partnerships, run advertisements, accept donations, charge for extra features, accept payment from authorities or find other ways to monetize this application. By accepting these terms and conditions, members understand the necessity to provide funding in any possible way. DOMANI IS TODAY NV wants to provide a platform that can be used by other applications. In no way DOMANI IS TODAY NV can be held responsible for issues with other applications that use the platform.

Our privacy policies are based on the GDPR rules. You can by all times unsubscribe our services and at your demand, we will delete all personal data within 14 days. You also have the right to query on the information we hold on you. DOMANI IS TODAY NV has the right to refuse your membership without accountability.

Issues can be addressed to We will do everything to provide answers to your questions in due time and promise to do the utmost to solve problems mutually. DOMANI IS TODAY NV is registered in Belgium under reg. 0691901097 published 13/03/2018.  In case of legal conflict only the courts of Brussels can be addressed. Intellectual property and trademarks are protected by law. Use of the application provides in no way an intellectual right. Above text is based on the original Dutch version that in fine will be the only legal committing document.